About Us

The Central Arkansas Society for Paranormal Research is a non-profit organization whose mission is dedicated to the scientific research and documentation of unexplained phenomenon that could be considered paranormal.

We are dedicated to helping those who are victims of paranormal activity.

Call 501-304-3530 to speak with the one of the Directors and find out if CASPR can be of assistance with your haunting.

Orb Info and Video

Despite the negative views by many so-called “experts” on television, CASPR believes that some spirit energy can be seen in the form of a roundish ball of glowing energy. Personally witnessed by many without the aid of cameras or equipment, it is our standpoint that they do exist. However, isolating them from dust and other particulate matter in the air can be quite a challenge. Having reviewed countless hours of video tape from haunted locations, the Director and some other members have developed a trained eye for distinguishing the difference between the two.

Along with the knowledge of how our particular cameras detect and present anomalies and other standards for what constitutes a “real” orb, we are proud to present the photos and videos that represent an amazing intelligent entity that coexists alongside us in the unseen world. Please view one of the most compelling evidence videos of an orb captured by Director Shillings in downtown Hot Springs HERE.



CASPR has been featured on many television shows over the past 14 years, including the Montel Williams show and the current BIO channel's hit TV series, MY GHOST STORY.



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